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We’ve all had problems with our computers, phones, and other devices at one time or another. For many, navigating technology can be frustrating. Here at Blade Technologies, we are dedicated to finding solutions to your tech-related problems! We provide Solutions to any computer & technology service issues with top notch customer support.

Since our establishment in early 2010, our qualified technicians have helped hundreds of people in the San Gabriel and Los Angeles areas with computer problems, networking and other issues. Blade Technologies works swiftly and diligently to provide you with the most cost-effective and timely solutions. We offer 24/7 same-day service, a no fix no pay policy, and great pricing. Blade Technologies offers both pick up and drop off services, and late hour operations when other companies are closed.

System Maintenance and Tune Ups

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Upgrades and Software Installations

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System Installations and Repairs

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Networking and Configuration

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Customer Testimonials
  • “I had some strange issue with my computer, how it was working just stopped. I called Blade Technologies and they came really fast. Explained me exactly what is the problem and then they just fixed it. Thanks to them I could continue my work.” read more

  • “Totally helped me get a mean virus off my computer! Professional, efficient, and fast!” read more

  • “I was frustrated with my laptop acting up on me. I was also frustrated by the fact that no one seemed able to really help me – at least not for a crazy price. Then I found out about Blade Technologies, and finally got my laptop up and running again. I was also given advice on how to better care for my laptop in the future. Great services and great price! Would definitely recommend.” read more

  • “I needed to quickly have all my data files downloaded and saved. My hard drive had stopped working and I was getting ready to ship my PC back to HP for repairs, but before we did that, I wanted to make sure that we had a good copy of everything on my computer. Bladen took care of my needs in a fast, professional and economical manner. This is my second time dealing with this company and I would highly recommend them.” read more

Providing Professional Computer Repair Service

We implement the most advanced technologies. Just remember Blade Technologies.

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